Harvest Cattle on the Ranch                                           
             Humane Harvest
                                   Local Beef for Montana
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Montana Mobile Processing Company will:

  • Harvest humanely​, with less stress for a better product

  • Go to the ranch which reduces travel time and costs

  • Apply for USDA Grant of Inspection for all processing

  • ​Be environmentally friendly --- reduced fuel consumption, waste composting, less pollution

  • ​Employ six-eight people and keep the income local

  • Trace your food to the ranch it came from
" It is the mission of the Montana Mobile Processing Company to support the local food networks in Montana, shorten the distance traveled by the food we eat and provide a safe, reliable accessible way to harvest livestock in a humane, environmentally conscientious manner. "
- Mark Estep, Founder
Upcoming Events


Freedom Gardens at
Missoula Fairgrounds
June 15- Aug 10

Showing by appointment
Please call (406)370-2256
What Folks are Saying

"Pretty excited about are greatly needed!"
         - Anonymous, Livingston

​"Thank you for looking into this need for local abattoir capacity…..Carry on"

  - Joel Salatin,
Polyface Farms